Having started with one small steakhouse, Golden Corral Corporation has grown into one of the nation's strongest family restaurant chains. The ability to adapt to changing tastes allowed Golden Corral to continue growing during the 1980s and 1990s as changes in eating habits and increased competition brought drastic change to the family steakhouse business. Success continued in the 2000s as well--by 2003 the company operated and franchised 467 restaurants throughout the United States, serving 167.5 million guests that year.



Seafood Fridays for Lent

Ryan’s, HomeTown Buffet, and Old Country Buffet are honoring Lent by offering their best catches of the season with a special Seafood Fridays menu. The family casual restaurants will offer various fish and shrimp options every Friday night, in addition to their standard menu.

Catches Of the Day

Every Friday night, starting on February 20, guests may enjoy an assortment of seafood options including: 

  • Popcorn Shrimp
  • Butterfly Shrimp
  • Baked Fish
  • Garlic and Italian Herb Fish, Fried Fish
  • Southern Fried Fish (Ryan’s), 
  • Atlantic Salmon (Old Country Buffet and HomeTown Buffet

These seafood offerings may be paired with any number of homestyle sides and the fresh salad bar. As always, every meal may be completed with a delicious treat from the dessert bar.

The Seafood Fridays menu will be available during dinner hours starting February 20 and through April 3, 2015. Menus and pricing vary by location.

Steaktastic Menu

Ryan's, HomeTown Buffet and Old Country Buffet Prove They Are a Cut above the Rest with Signature Steak Selections, Available November 20, 2014

Restaurants introduce new line of individually portioned steak-inspired meals

The Ovations Brands portfolio of restaurants- Ryan’s, HomeTown Buffet, Old Country Buffet, Country Buffet, and Fire Mountain- are grilling up a new line of signature steak choices that are made fresh and served in individual portions. The Steaktastic menu will be available at all 321 family style restaurants for a limited time starting Thursday, November 20, 2014.

The Steaktastic lineup features individualized portions of:

  • Rancher’s Select Sirloin Steakhouse Chili,
  • Rancher’s Select Sirloin with Potatoes Au Gratin
  • Rancher’s Select Sirloin with Potatoes O’Brien

The Steaktastic line up is completed with Country Fried Steak and 1/3 lb. Chopped Beef Steak. To compliment the steak offerings, the fresh salad bar will feature a blue cheese and bacon salad- crisp lettuce topped with a blue cheese dressing and bacon bits.

On a sweeter note, all 321 restaurants will be serving new individually portioned desserts, chocolate brownie cheesecake and blueberry cheesecake shooters.

  • The brownie cheesecake shooter features gooey brownie bites, creamy cheesecake and a whipped topping. 
  • The blueberry cheesecake shooter features a graham cracker base topped with a creamy cheesecake, blueberry compote and whipped cream. Both will be available in the bakery section.

Spinach Marie

Hometown Buffet/Old Country Buffet Recipe

1 (10 oz.) package frozen chopped spinach
4 beaten eggs
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
2 3/4 cups heavy cream
2 cups mild Cheddar cheese, shredded
1 cup fine dry bread crumbs

Butter a 9 inch glass pie plate or a 9 inch square dish. Thaw and drain the spinach. Beat the eggs well and beat in the salt, pepper and cream. Stir in the spinach and cheese. Pour into dish. Top with 1/4 to 1 cup of the crumbs and sprinkle generously with paprika. Dot the top with 2 tablespoons butter. Bake at 375 degrees for 35 to 50 minutes (start checking at 35 minutes). Don't over bake.

Better Breakfast

Breakfast just got better & so did the price! They are serving up an even more delicious breakfast on Saturdays & Sundays. For a limited time its only $7.99 coffee and juice included.

Breakfast For Dinner

Ryan’s, HomeTown Buffet, and Old Country Buffet are turning dinner on its head with the introduction of Breakfast for Dinner starting Thursday, April 10, 2014. The offering features breakfast favorites to enhance the restaurants’ popular Family Night. Breakfast for Dinner is available from 5 to 8 pm.

From 5 to 8 pm, the buffet restaurants will serve sweet and savory breakfast offerings including pancakes, waffles, sausage, and sliced bacon in addition to their everyday dinner favorites. Breakfast for Dinner will also feature an expanded Egg Action Station, where guests may request eggs to order with more choices, omelets with various fixings, as well as scramblers. Menus will vary by location.

Family Night is offered from 5 to 8 pm each Thursday night. Each month, the buffet restaurants offer themed activities for children through promotional partnerships.

Pagoda Fried Rice

Golden Corral Copycat Recipe

Makes about 12 Cups

2 tablespoons sesame oil
2 teaspoons minced fresh ginger
1 cup diced onions
1 cup shredded carrots
1 cup frozen green peas, thawed
1 cup frozen whole kernel corn, thawed
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
8 cups cooked white rice
2/3 cup soy sauce

Pour sesame oil into a wok skillet. Add ginger and stir.  Add prepped onions, carrots, peas, corn, sugar, and black pepper (1 quart of mixture).  Add cooked rice. Stir and cook for 1 minute.  Pour soy sauce over rice and stir. Cook for 1 minute. Place Fried Rice in serving wok and serve on buffet.

Macaroni Salad

Golden Corral Copycat Recipe

1 1/2 quarts macaroni pipette, cooked and cooled
1 cup diced (1/4-inch) celery
1 cup diced (1/4-inch) onions
1 cup relish, refrigerated
1 cup shredded carrots
1 teaspoon Montreal Steak Seasoning

2 cups mayonnaise, refrigerated

Place cooked, cooled macaroni pipette in a half-size, 2 1/2-inches deep stainless steel pan. Place diced celery on top of macaroni. Place diced onions on top of celery. Place relish on top of onions. Place shredded carrots on top of relish. Place steak seasoning on top of relish. Do not mix. Cover filled pan and refrigerate until needed for just-in-time mixing and serving on cold buffet.

To Serve: Remove unmixed, prepped salad ingredients from refrigeration. Transfer contents of half-size pan to stainless steel mixing bowl. Add refrigerated mayonnaise to the bowl of prepped ingredients. Stir gently to mix ingredients and to coat them with mayonnaise. Transfer to the appropriate serving container and display immediately on the cold buffet